Atrophy The Sun


Atrophy The Sun with all of which they encompass, are more than just a band, more than just another rock act, more than the run of the mill modern recording project, more than an experience of any typical rock n' roll thing, but what they actually become, although more than what typically breaks the surface of modern rock, still remains unwritten. When Atrophy The Sun is experienced by the observer, in the recorded or live formation, the trip is undoubtedly tied to the deepest roots of the human condition. The ride starts off strange and unfamiliar, but draws you in with a rare excitement that somehow, someway, this might be one of "those" times. Humans are never quite sure of "those" times, as they tend to set off warning bells in our paranoid minds, standing the hair up on the back of our necks, panic, disorientation, disbelief. We think, "Did I really volunteer to strap into this Rickety Roller Coaster, as it begins to ascend the mountain of insanity?" Higher and higher we rise on the wings of monster dreams, as the illusion begins to break down. Yes, this is it, this is the big show, this is the terrifying realization, this is the nowhere land of the moon and stars, where all is separated, and lost in the darkness in between, there is no getting off this ride which rises From The Night. Just as the mind can seemingly take no more of the suspended comfort and security of our normal lives, which has now seemingly been stripped from our grasp forever, the Roller Coaster floats momentarily between the point of rise and drop, and it is at this moment, that we are met with what makes us who we are. Cue the acoustic guitar, Cue the warmth, Cue the free fall moment of divine clarity, as it is only you and the solitary sound of heaven's call. Like a lightning bolt through the fog of our lives, we cry out, this is what I forgot! This is what I search for in dreams! This is my divinity, hidden deep inside schizophrenic dream corridors twisted across lives, lost no more! This is the Soul of Myself!! Falling Just Like the Rain now, Cue the vocals, the voice, the beacon of what we are endlessly searching, haunting us in the dark, but comforting us with a familiar tone. Drop the bass down like thunder from above which pushes our feet to go further in the Pouring Rain. Crash the drums down upon us, remind us of our courage, awaken the bold inner child to rise once more, who In The Flood will not Wash Away, oh no, but instead the child be our guide across the river on our Journey To The Dawn. Darkness now starts to give way to a break in the clouds above the mountain top lined with purple lightning, as sweeping melodies from the lead guitar bring in the Blue Skies of our ancient and sacred dawn, shedding light upon the Labyrinth of our existence. Just Sometimes we get a momentary glimpse of truth, understanding, and clarity, but now it is time to wake and forget, and be born once again. Good morning.